December 31, 2010

Happy New Year:)!

I have never realy understood the reason behind all the excitement December brings but since I have this innate ability to not understand most things in life :P, will just let the whys go and quietly join the crowd and add my share of noise to the Yeys! going around..:)So,here goes a Yey! Its Decmeber and another Yey! to Yey!2010s gone..Ah! doesnt feel authentic, does it?..Told ya, simply havent gotten the hang of this December business..Sigh!

Anyways,this ones for all those people who made this year super memorable...the ones who enriched my life by just being a part of it..U guys rock:)

Sonny boy - In all my life, I never thought I would get so lucky to have somebody like you in my life :) You are the reason behind everything thats sweet and nice in my world...I cant even begin to describe the joy and the pride I feel to be your mom..I know you will change in the years to come but whatever you become...please dont EVER stop being a mama's boy:)..Love you lots :)

P : Husband, friend,chaffeur and at-times a royal pain :P...I cant think of a single other person in this world who could have borne all my moodiness and temper tantrums and crabbiness with such ease..Thank you for everything :)..Heres wishing atleast 60 years more of togetherness...Good luck to ya:))

Amma & Anna: My strength..My support system..My everything:)..I will not elaborate coz you guys are way too special and way too important to be described by mere words!

Srish,Ras & Saanu: Saanu, my daughter and the super cute princess of our family..have no clue how we even existed bef u guys came along :) u sweety :)Ras-my baabhi,friend and fashion consultant ! and Srish..Ah!what can i say about him..What do you call somebody who is ur biggest critic and still the bestest of supports,your worst foe and the greatest of friends...I guess u call him a brother :) He is the one who will criticize my cooking skills, my dressing style and my 'being' style and he is also the one who will pick up my calls at 2 am in the morn and come driving all the way to my house at that time to ensure things are right...Thank you big bro:)

Family&relatives: My inlaws,Aunts ,Uncles ,Chan, Shru, Ro, Jay--Immensely nice people who have made this year so much fun..May the year ahead have a lot of 'all of us' times :)

Friends and FRIENDS(the serial)- Had to group the two together coz both of them have been instrumental in keeping fun alive in life... Ro, Nam, Sow, Sang,S^2, Swap, B, Rum, Sac,Ramesh,Ash,and the Rams...Thank u guys:)

Well, thats it this year...Have a very happy new year people :)


Tin Tin said...

nice one smitha! you usually expect a book at the other end of such a writeup.. maybe in times to come.. the bit abt sachin and the hubby got my emotions all mixed up.. i was crying and laughing at the same time.. thanks for mentioning me but i have to say half a name in some one off entry doesnt cut it.. I need to see you post a LOT MORE next year..(they dont all have to have my name though) All the best da and hope you have a super duper year ahead.. im so happy i rang in this year with the amma appa

Rohini said...

Good one smi!!! A veeery Happy new year to all of u!
As Nam said,do post a lot more this year...
I just love the way u write! :)

Smitha.S said...

@Nam:Found the bit about not having ur name funny..hehe..n so cool bt Aunty and uncle being there..Post some pics n u shud def revive ur blog..Please!

@Ro: Thanks kane :)

Sangs said...

thank me for F.R.I.E.N.D.S.....:)...a very cute one di...and paapa wat did ur dad do....:))

Smitha.S said...

@Sangs:Even David Crane and Marta Kauffman will probably let the credits pass..:))..Just kidding..U know I am super thankful :)..n yene? Anna andhre my dad :)

ferret said...

I third Tin and Rohini's opinions, you must write more. I can't believe i missed out all this humor in college, what a shame!!

While i'm at it, i wish Tin would blog some too!

ferret said...

I hope you even read this, it's been half a year since you last posted!! pls oblige us :)

Anu said...

whoa! I was randomly clicking on friends' blog links from my blog page and what do I see? You've actually posted last year and I missed it all... but why did you stop again??! You gotta post more... your posts are so much fun to read! :)
It's almost time to wish you a happy new 'next' year! :D

Smitha.S said...

Anu and Ferret!..Thanks so much :)..felt v warm to read your comments:)