September 17, 2013

Sonny Boy :)

  A 'Mind Your Language' moment at home.:P

Me ( advancing towards sonny boy, looking all menacing): I am feeling very hungry..I will eat you now

SB: Why?  Are you a volleyball or what ? ( had told him a while ago about

 We painstakingly taught him the 'Lion and the Mouse' story for a story competition at his school..Many rehearsals later, on the D-day,  I go to pick him up from school ,

Me: Story chennagi heldhya?
SB: Hoon..naanu Ant and the dove story heldhe
Me: What?:O!!..Lion and the mouse story yaako hellilla?
SB: Boreu...Swarith adhe story heldha..onde story helidhre bore aagtulla ellargu...adakke bere story heldhe
Me: Nin thale :(

I had no clue that he knew any other story in English..Supposedly, he had heard that from his mam

And did all the effort he had put in on the lion and the mouse story go waste?....No Sir...He used it to entertain people at home..This is how.. He now has a brand new version of the story where the lion has been replaced with P's name  and the mouse with urs truly...So, the new version of the story is
One day when the P was sleeping the forest, a tiny S ran over it .. u get the drift..

Dont ask me how he got the idea..I am not built to think tht way :)


As far as ambitions go, I have to admit, I was totally unimaginative..Mine started with a doctor and ended with an engineer with a lawyer or something like that coming up in between...But,my son is more than making ammends for it

He loves big cars..uh.,.actually big vehicles...It initially started out with a very respectable,  buying an innova car ambition  and  then he saw a tempo  with more people sitting in it and decided that a change of ambition was in order and quickly wanted to buy a tempo and become a tempo driver.
Then,he spotted a Volvo bus sometime back and decided that ,that was bigger than a tempo and wanted to become a bus driver. ..He told me that he will let strangers also sit in his bus..Just the thing I wanted to hear, I assured him :P

Of late, becoming a soldier has caught his fancy..He thinks being a soldier is all about fighting 'gogas'  and so, for him, its like mixing business with pleasure :)

I have no clue what he will eventually become but I do hope he will b all passionate about whatever it is that he  takes up ( emotion all sw engineers will understand :P)


For all the times I saw kids bawling/shouting and gloatingly thought ,my kids wouldnt be like that ( this was before I had a kid ofcourse), I know of atleast two such occassions when my son has done all that and more...Time's sweet revenge :P

On one such occasion,

Me: You were a really bad boy,we have given your cycle away to another kid

He quickly goes to check on his cycle and sees it missing..I prepare myself for all the fireworks that are to start

SB: Nange cycle beda and walks away

No crying, no tantrums..nothing...

Just when I am feeling all sad that he has grown up to not care for empty threats, he comes back crying

SB: Neevibru bad...Naan doddon aadhmele ond dod cycle togothini..nim ibrannu koodaskolodhilla...adhralli ond dod feeding bottle itkonde itkothini..

I dunno what he his other grand plans were...We burst out laughing which further angered him and he went to complain to higher authorities ( read grandparents ) about us