June 26, 2008


Got tagged by Anu. Here goes the list of my all time fav characters not necessarily in any order..

The Famous Five & Timothy, the dog:
Like most people in this world, absolutely love all Enid Blyton characters...from the Malory Towers girls to the St.Claires Twins to Fatty to..well, the lists not gonna end in a hurry :).The Famous Five, however, need a special mention here, coz they were instrumental in getting the 'love story ' started :)...Have lost count of the number of times I have read each of their adventures..infact, so much so that back in school, Julian, Dick,George,Anne,Timmy and all their adventures seemed more real than the neighbours next door:P..Well, I am super glad that i was tht crazy coz it was all the crazy famous five talk at lunch times that got me n Shu, [a friend who i have subsequently known and whos been there for me through the ups n downs of my life for the past twenty years now..phew!] talking :)

Elizabeth Bennet & Mr.Darcy
Shes smart,quick-witted,spirited and very prejudiced against him and hes rich,handsome,proud and totally in love with her:) ..Jane Austen's brlliant portrayal of these two characters makes their story the best romance you will ever read in a loong loong time.

Calvin And Hobbes:
Needs no explanation i would say :)

Scout Finch
The most adorable six year old you will ever come across..Loved the book coz of her 'oh! chochweet' narration :)

Sidney Sheldon's Heroines:P
I suppose there arent too many times in one's life that one will take Sidney Sheldon and literature in the same breath :P but really, theres simply no way for my list of fav characters to exist without including Lara Cameron,Paige Taylor,Jennifer Parker ,Kate Blackwell and the likes. Loved the 'never say die' spirit of all his heroines. Their characterizations are so real and soul stirring that u cant simply help but laugh ,cry and empathize with them. I did more than that..let my ambition change with what his current heroine's profession was:P..from a doc to a lawyer to a builder which is probably y I got all directionless n ended up being a software engineer:))

Kane And Abel
Two of the most powerful characters ever created perhaps. Loved them both and kept rooting for both of them to win, though they were competing against each other:P If you havent read the book, its an absolute must.

Hercule Poirot & Captain Hastings
Love reading those Agatha Christie books which feature this combo. Hastings is sweet, a lil gullible ,super loyal to Poirot and very gallant to pretty young ladies and he always manages to bring out the naughtier side of Poirot, who is as always brilliant.

Harry Potter & Gang:
Love the books and adore all the characters in it. Fred and George are my particular favourites:)

Kaveri from Triveni's Sharapanjara: Cant really claim that she is a favourite character. But shes one of those characters who i have never been quite able to forget. Have mulled over her story millions of times ..each time trying to come up with some sort of a solution that would have let her be.

Fred Basset
Love this character coz it reminds me a loooot of Scooby, my dog. Its super cute, funny , very snobbish..basically as any dog-owner will know..has all the characteristics to make him reign supreme..in the house n in the owners hearts :)

January 22, 2008


This weeks seen me transform from being a smart stock savvy person to becoming a very disgruntled, distraught destitute:P N since I cant do anything much bt the money that i dont have, thought i will generally go about shouting out at the world at large..Afterall, somebody has to be responsible for the mess I am in..me not included of course:P
The drain on my account ofcourse began a long time bef today..It started when all my benovelant credit card companies mailed me those super cute vouchers that i could trade for all the bonus points I had accumilated coz of all the hard wrk I had put in to spend all my money:P..Of course, they left it to my choice as to whether i would like to encash my points or may b just let them go lapse:O..Like that was a choice 8- I, with all noble intentions took 2 500 arrow gift vouchers..After all it was new year time and i decided to be this nice sis and wife and get my bro and my husband a couplea shirts...Now of course, niceness and intelligence are tot 2 diff things. As anyone whos stepped into a an arrow showroom will know,u will def not get 2 shirts for a 1000 bucks and i obviously didnt want to like walk out without buying the 2 shirts I had wanted to buy..And so, i used my card again to spend some more and assuredly won some more bonus points 8-
Spent some more [ a fortune by my current account standards:P] and watched TZP..Amazing movie and actually have nothing really to shout about it as such..But, just to not let the shouting spirit die :p, have decided to take great exception to the ending..Found it so cliched.I mean..on one hand, this is a movie thats trying to be different, trying to focus our attentions on some humane stuff which we all seem to have forgotten in our quest for better grades and smarter kids. The kids so brilliant..Hes making u sob at every one of his predicaments, U are tot spell bound and 100% involved in the movie and then lo! there is the ending..the ever so cliched painting competition..Even if a kid is dyslexic, he has to a be a champion painter to make the world like him. I mean, come on!
Lastly, theres Bejan D who made me spend a cool and a whopping 40 bucks[ a huuge amt considering the money i have now:P] to buy his book on forecast of 2008 for Cancer. If i remember right, which I may not, given my level of depresion :P, I was supposed to be making a lot of money, was supposed to be right at the center of a lot of propertly and legal deals, all of which were assuredly going to go my way,was in general supposed to b out there having the time of my life but hello! isnt there like a slight discrepency! As an amused friend suggested, I should prob go and sue the person:P...Now, since both of us [BD n I :P] are cancerians and since both of us are suppsoed to b winning in all the legal batteles we undertake, this will b one interesting case on hand:D