December 13, 2005

Tagged by Nam!

7 things i plan to do:

*Learn to cook well and become
'totally accomplished cook ' all cancerians are supposed to be!

*Go to a beach.

*Buy a fundoo digicam and
take lotsa pics:)

*Own a farmhouse and adopt a kid and a dog
[ doesnt look very feasible ...given my salary and my parents' Mrs.Bennet like attitude :P ]

*Read the newspaper everyday

*Go ski-ing and also go to switzerland someday

*Take car-driving lessons

7 things I can do:

*Run at 12 kmph for 2 mins on the threadmill.

*Watch the balaji telefilms serials

with my mom n actually keep track
of who married whom, who 'died'
n came back looking like they did before
n who came bk looking shorter,taller
[ apparently due to plastic surgery!!!]

*Sleep for more than 14 hours in a day.

*Make aloo gobi [a recent accomplishment ;)]

*Laugh effortlessly n appreciatively at the p-est of js.

*Beat most of my friends in a game of 'panja':)

*Put reasonably good rangolis.

7 Things I cant do:

* Pronounce 'yelendru'
[r whatever it is..meaning 'get up' in Tamil]

*Put on eye-liner.

*Eat jeera.

*Solve probability and permuation
probs like Nam does!

*Get addresses and directions right!

*Watch Manoj Bajpai in Kam Ya Zyaada [he is yuck!]

*Win in any card game [:(]

7 Things i say the most:

*Your Head and Your Tail
*Shut Up
*Joke a?

7 Celebrity Crushes :

*Sachin Tendulkar
*Shah RukhKhan
*Harsha Bhogle
*Prannoy Roy
*Hugh Grant
*Abhishek Bacchan
*Ramesh Arvind

7 Things that attract you to the opposite sex:

*Intelligence and Wit
*Sense of Humour which should be
good enough to appreciate jokes levelled at oneself
*Modesty and a down to earth attitude
*Same wavelength thinking and Common Interests
*General Goodness
*Friendly and an easy going attitude
*Looks that appeal to me