July 04, 2007

Movie Talk

This blogs coz i love complaining:P..Love complaining every now and then that things arent the way they should be, though i must admit,that it would probably be a really boring world if things were just right..For one, wouldnt have gotten to blog this post[which mt not at all b bad news as far as U are concerned..But tht could just be ur reason for complaining:P] Anyways, all this prologue is to talk bt all the Pride and Prejudice movie adaptations that have happened. Happened to watch the Keira Knightley starrer version recently.[Okie..I know it was released a loooong time ago..But i am a lil behind the times:P]
Am probably the most biased critic that could ever exist on this planet coz i am a huuuuuuuuge fan of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice [P&P] is amongst my all time fav books and i honestly do not think anybody can quite capture the varied essences that she manages to so expertly weave into her books on screen..And unfortunately, the belief keeps getting proved right every now and then. Have to admit that its prob way too difficult a job to transalte a 300 odd pages classic with soo many subtleties into a movie and still keep the viewers interested. So, am not even going to complain about the way the movie has been made...My complaints more on the superficialities that are so important to the plot. The fact that Jane is prettier than Elizabeth, i would say, is where the story starts off;is what kicks off the Elizabeth-Darcy tussle. And its probably the easiest thing to show on screen..I mean, how difficult can it poss be to cast a wow looking person as Jane and a slightly plainer looking one as Elizabeth. Must b really difficult coz have never caught a version whcih has a prettier looking Jane. Sample this: In the desi version, Aishwarya Rai is Elizabeth and Namrata Shirodkar is Jane. And you are expected to digest the Darcy character mouthing a 'Cant see any pretty girl apart from Miss.Jane' kinda line with a straight face..I mean..come on. Dont think this movie fares any better on that front either..Kiera looks wow!..And sumhow, the story seems rushed..Can think of so many scenes and dialogues that have been left out..Would have liked a longer one i think.
Complaints apart, this movie does have some plus points. Keira makes for an excellent Elizabeth.Macfayden's pretty believable as Darcy. Mr.Collins and Lady Catherine characters are played really well too. So, all in all, a decent watch i would say but then the more knowledgable and the saner critics have lauded this movie quite a bit and and so, if u havent yet watched the movie, u shud def do it.
N for kicks, came up with my cast for the movie. [Ignore the ages ..afterall this cast will never get to act in a movie:P]
Mr.Bennet: Boman Irani
Mrs.Benent:Kiron Kher
Jane: Sonali Bendre
Elizabeth: Kajol
Mr.Bingley: Hrithik Roshan
Mr.Darcy: Aamir Khan
Mr.Wickham: John Abraham
Lydia: Kareena
Mr.Gardiner : Anupam Kher
Mrs.Gardiner: Fareedha Jalal
Colonel Fitzwilliam: Akshaye Khanna

Cant think of ppl for these: Mr.Collins,Lady Catherine[ though think the saas in the KSBKBT serial mt do:P]

N for those of u who want to go catch up with the original story,u can go check out this link:
Enjoy maadi :)

July 02, 2007

Driving Woes!

Read somewhere that one person in every 10000 people is simply incapable of driving a car..No reasons whatsover were cited and understandably so,one would think..I mean , just who in this wide whole world would want to waste their time thinking about that one loser who cant do sumthing as simple as driving a car!
Only, i wish sumbody would coz i am totally convinced that i am tht 1 in 10000 person:P..much to my driving instructor's agony:P Can and do get all the mechanics right..Its all the 'beyond the obvious' stuff [ n i have been in TCS for the past 4 years:P] that i simply dont seem to fathom..For instance,I get it by now tht the sec gear shud b in place when i am attempting to take a turn but i cant for the life of mine figure out whether r not my car will end up hitting the pavements or all the hazaar vehicles that seem to b parked on the roadside when i do turn my steering wheel or how i am supposed to know if the left side of my car will able to get through 2 vehicles even when i'm going straight on..He keeps saying 'sense' it madam though i must confess hes probably figured out by now that i dont have too much of it ..hehe
So, u see, i dont know how to turn and i dont know how to go straight on but i do so want to [very proverbially:D] zoom away in the black Lancer car[ the car of my dreams:D] right into the sunset...Sigh!