August 20, 2007

Question Time!

Chanced upon this discovery when i was doing sumthing that i am really good at: classroom chatter:P
There was this case discussion happening bt a firm in the fashion industry and the Prof was taking great joys in delving into the female mind to explain some seemingly irrtational moves of the firm..Wont bother u with the details primarily coz i dont know too many of them..:P
Wasnt listening u c,coz just then my benchmate started talkign bt this rather intriguing settings he noticed when he went to the Bhavani Kangan Store in Gandhi Bazaar..Now if u happen to be one of those who has never been inside that store, just a lil filler. The store has 2 floors..The cosmetic section is housed in the ground floor and the ornament n some hazaar other accessories section is housed in the first floor. Well, the intriguing thing was this: The ground floor was manned completely by girls while on the first floor, it was an all male section. While there was nothing out of the ordinary bt the all girls section, the all male section however came as a surprise[ to him...i have been there a million times and my super dormant brain hadnt even taken in this fact:P] He was trying to say that mt b the settings there again were done with the female mind in mind..That it was probably something like a woman would much rather discuss her cosmetic problems and take solutions for it from a girl ,which made sense..but would probably prefer to consider a male point of view when buying jeweleries and sarees n all..kinda like the SRK scene in DDLJ...Dont agree with it..But i distinctly remember tht most of the saree shops that i hve gone to are also usually managed by men..So, have been wondering what the funda is. Lemme know wht u think:)

August 12, 2007


Somebody said, that by the time u start to think that ur mom was right, u invariably have a kid who knows u r wrong..hehe. Guess thats time and its confounding acts at wrk for U!:)
Discovered the 'effects of aging' at wrk a few days ago..
As a kid, I used to hate the idea of attending the 'extended' family functions and running into random aunts and uncles, who were forever awe-struck that I had managed to grow up so much r wanted to know if I remember'd who they were.
The first statement,I have to admit,was the welcome one. Given that i have like always belonged to the vertically challenged lot, i used to quite like hearing that, except that whenever anybody told me that, i had to contend with a smirking elder brother [ who has sumhow always managed to be taller than me by a good few inches:( ] telling me that they were just being polite..hehe.
The sec one was the nightmarish one. I used to never know how to handle that one. For one, i didnt know y they were so eager to know if i remembered them..Couldnt fathom what difference it made in the colossal scheme of things to anybody at all and to add to my plight was tht usually, i had no idea who they memory has always wrked in the 'all r nothing' way. I either remember everything bt a person r i remember nothign at all.. N they usually fell in the nothign lot and still, i would never b able to say no.I would always say yes and stand grinning foolishly [ more foolishly than usual...acc to my brother:P].
Given my entire history of embarassing experiences at attending functions, one would have thot i would make a somewhat more resonable and sensible adult. Atleast if nobody else did, i did:D. But then u live n u learn..hehe. Attended a function at a sec cousin's place a few days ago. He used to b a rather close cousin before he went off to the US and his kid was among mine and my brother's fav neices. She was probably around three r four when she left and we used to spend hours playing all kindsa games with her and so, she was like the one person v were really eager to meet. Guess I was expecting to meet a sligthly grown up version of the cute kid i had known, so was tot unprepared to b intro'd to a super pretty teenager who bore no traces to the kid i had known and bef v knew it,was saying 'God! u have grown so much' and my bro the 'so, do u know who v r ' line...:)). Both of us burst out laughing leaving the girl super confused in life.I am sure that the girls decided now to not meet random uncles and aunts again. Well, what can i say?..Atleast am doing my bit to keep tht tradition going:P.