November 30, 2010

I propose and....Life disposes!

Theres probably nothing as intriguing in life as life itself..Just when u think u have it  all figured out and lay grandiose plans to take it by the horns and make it go the way u want, the slimy creature that it is does a quiet u-turn leaving u as clueless as you were before you embarked on this entire figuring out business...

If you are wondering what all this sudden animosity towards life is all about, let me first assure you that things are just fine and that life and I are at loggerheads like this all the time and then proceed to give you a little perspective on the state of affairs..

It was way back in September.. I was being my characteristic slumbery self waking up only
now and then to crib wholeheartedly to B and gang about how the world at large and the officemates in particular were refusing to make use of the huge talent that lay hidden in our beings, about how apathetic our supervisors were etc..
Now B, not being like yours truly ( thank God for that ,U say?..well,have to agree on that one :P) decided that enough was enough and that the only way forward was to quit the job here and take up another job in another company and also roll in the extra dough that it would bring in..I quite liked the idea ( esp the extra dough part :P) and was very eloquent in my support for it and would have been content just talking about it for,as you may have figured out by now, I am a person of too many words and too few actions:P...

B on the other hand is among the most proactive people I know and once she sets her heart on
something,there is no way in this world that she will rest till that 'something' is conquered ..(Hey! B...Just a little note here to say how I think your attitude rocks and going by what transpired in yet another coffee session, sac and rum agree too :))

Anyway, I digress,So while I promptly went back to nap after the show of support, B got busy polishing her resume and taking up interviews and it wasnt long before she came in beaming one day to tell us that she had landed a rather nice job in a very cool company...It was then that I woke up and we collectively woke others in the team up and before we knew everybody was talkign about quitting and almost every one of us cleared interviews and started putting in resignation letters sending shockwaves to the management team....Well, it would have served the team right for having ignored us for that long a time and would have been a typical 'Alls well that ends well' thing but for the slimy part of life kicking in...

For some strange reason , the companies I took up the interviews in were only fast in conducting interviews and declaring me cleared and in procuring all my docs from the time I started playschool but the offer letter, the one doc I needed to join my now ex-teammates team remained totally elusive....It was almsot as if I had carried my management team's bug to those organsiations and had infected the lot with them...In the meantime, my own company , rattled as it was by the numerous resgnations gave me a very unexepected promotion and my previously apathetic supervisors have overnight transformed to models of responsiveness and have been calling on me regularly to check what it is I need so that they can hasten and give me just that to prevent yet another resignation from happening...Well,all in all, it has worked out pretty well and left with me not too many things to complain about...But thats not me at all and so here I am complaining about how I wish Life had gone on the way I had planned it...Well, maybe someother time...huh?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Smi! what to say? I cannot say ur current post is nice/cool!! I wish I was there in the next cubicle to talk more on this! they say if opportunity does not knock, then build a door! u should hv probably known already that everyone around u speak volumes and value a lot about how talented u are. Just in case if u dint know take it from me-'u are truely inspiring'
now the mgmt is seeing ur needs through a magnigying glass u hv chance to play like a management guru and use it 100%. grab utmost attention and make them realise the true potential which they kept ignoring all the while..ironically **********..but I just wish and hope things change and wish you make them **************. While to continue to do this task of getting them into realization phase u should also constantly look for other suitable opportunities that might interest you. what matters is what you like :) I now want to say the same words from ur current post but in a different sense --> I wish "to join my now
ex-teammate(s) team" get it?

Best wishes!

Smitha.S said...

Hey! U r way tooo sweet :)...For the rest, pleeeease come to off....have loads to talk!

Tin Tin said...

ayyo! so you have been posting! nice one also.. saddish though