September 24, 2007

Philosophy Hunt!

Came across this saying recently: "If u cant change something, u just change yourself to make it seem more likable". Really like this philosophy:)..Dunno what profound things and applications the guy who said it had in mind but I have very characteristically[:P] misread it to make life simple.. This is one saying i always tell myself these days when i discover that I am totally incompetent in something..Not in a pro-active way to change myself and become competent at it or something but mostly to revel in the situation, to find joy even in that damned state :P...
Like for instance,its helped me digest all the hazaar jokes ppl keep cracking about the lack of my directional accumen...To be fair to them,that i lack it is probably like an understatement..I know a few places and a few routes to get there and all the rest of the places could b in Alsaka for all I know:P ..I dunno what the funda is..but i simply dont remember directions the way some people do..And being a localite in a team with a lot of non-bangaloreans hasnt helped either.Way too hard to hide the ignorance part:P Only now,with this brand new philosophy in hand, I dont even try to:D..I not only enjoy those jokes, i even help ppl crack some on me:P..Much more fun this way really:D
And in some others, I have very lilttle choice really.
I sometimes go along with my mom-in-law on all these arishina -kunkuma charades..Was on one of those, when an aunty there suddenly told me to sing an aarthi song ..[This was just after a couple of other ppl had recited the lalitha sahasranama..which again i had had no clue how to] Guess even with a voice that would put Ajay Devgan's voice in HDDCS to shame, i would have tried to..only, the only the only aarthi song i know is the 'aaruthi tha krishanamooruthige' song..which probably wouldnt have been the most apt one to sing when the diety in question was Gowri:P..And then after I was done explaining how [as strange as it may seem to them] I did not know any aarthi song, a six year old kid got up n sang a really nice song...Normally, this would have been a 'Ah! let the ground open up and let me go in' kinda scenario but then, perspectives help u know..hehe..Afterall u do need a few mutts around to applaud the achievers..which i promptly did..I went n congratulated the beaming mom and her super cute kid.:)...[ Just one note on this unfair world: Discovered that nobody calls u for arishina-kunkuma on Gokulasthami..Cha! tht aunty will never know that even I can sing..hehe]
And then there was this time when i went to get my eye-check up done with my neice...The attender there who does the first routine round of making u read from the board has been around from the time i first discovered that my eyes had become powerful[:P]...And he kinda dosnt like it that over the years, lesser and lesser lines make sense to my eyes when in the sans specs state...Sometimes think he thinks that all my eyes need is a lil bit of encouragement..hehe..And though i wont even know if the lines after the third one are in Greek, i generally try to humour him..Only this time, it must have been very perplexing to my four year old neice that i was reading an 'O' has 'U' and a 'L' as a 'D' n so on coz after the check, she, with all the delicacy she could muster said 'ninge abcd ne seriyaagi baralla alva...naan helkodla?':))
They say, all good things have to come to an end and i guess this philosophy has prob met its match in my stats class...Things always travel like a good 10 mile oth for me in that class..Its always been like that...Probability and the hazaar distributions are the most complicated things in the world for me..It used to be like that even in the cat classes..Nam would see a problem and make some very intelligent comments n all and i would be like , how??..hehe..My only hitch is that i cant revel being in this situation coz i have to pass my exams...So, am on the hunt for some new philosophies..Please help:D.

August 20, 2007

Question Time!

Chanced upon this discovery when i was doing sumthing that i am really good at: classroom chatter:P
There was this case discussion happening bt a firm in the fashion industry and the Prof was taking great joys in delving into the female mind to explain some seemingly irrtational moves of the firm..Wont bother u with the details primarily coz i dont know too many of them..:P
Wasnt listening u c,coz just then my benchmate started talkign bt this rather intriguing settings he noticed when he went to the Bhavani Kangan Store in Gandhi Bazaar..Now if u happen to be one of those who has never been inside that store, just a lil filler. The store has 2 floors..The cosmetic section is housed in the ground floor and the ornament n some hazaar other accessories section is housed in the first floor. Well, the intriguing thing was this: The ground floor was manned completely by girls while on the first floor, it was an all male section. While there was nothing out of the ordinary bt the all girls section, the all male section however came as a surprise[ to him...i have been there a million times and my super dormant brain hadnt even taken in this fact:P] He was trying to say that mt b the settings there again were done with the female mind in mind..That it was probably something like a woman would much rather discuss her cosmetic problems and take solutions for it from a girl ,which made sense..but would probably prefer to consider a male point of view when buying jeweleries and sarees n all..kinda like the SRK scene in DDLJ...Dont agree with it..But i distinctly remember tht most of the saree shops that i hve gone to are also usually managed by men..So, have been wondering what the funda is. Lemme know wht u think:)

August 12, 2007


Somebody said, that by the time u start to think that ur mom was right, u invariably have a kid who knows u r wrong..hehe. Guess thats time and its confounding acts at wrk for U!:)
Discovered the 'effects of aging' at wrk a few days ago..
As a kid, I used to hate the idea of attending the 'extended' family functions and running into random aunts and uncles, who were forever awe-struck that I had managed to grow up so much r wanted to know if I remember'd who they were.
The first statement,I have to admit,was the welcome one. Given that i have like always belonged to the vertically challenged lot, i used to quite like hearing that, except that whenever anybody told me that, i had to contend with a smirking elder brother [ who has sumhow always managed to be taller than me by a good few inches:( ] telling me that they were just being polite..hehe.
The sec one was the nightmarish one. I used to never know how to handle that one. For one, i didnt know y they were so eager to know if i remembered them..Couldnt fathom what difference it made in the colossal scheme of things to anybody at all and to add to my plight was tht usually, i had no idea who they memory has always wrked in the 'all r nothing' way. I either remember everything bt a person r i remember nothign at all.. N they usually fell in the nothign lot and still, i would never b able to say no.I would always say yes and stand grinning foolishly [ more foolishly than usual...acc to my brother:P].
Given my entire history of embarassing experiences at attending functions, one would have thot i would make a somewhat more resonable and sensible adult. Atleast if nobody else did, i did:D. But then u live n u learn..hehe. Attended a function at a sec cousin's place a few days ago. He used to b a rather close cousin before he went off to the US and his kid was among mine and my brother's fav neices. She was probably around three r four when she left and we used to spend hours playing all kindsa games with her and so, she was like the one person v were really eager to meet. Guess I was expecting to meet a sligthly grown up version of the cute kid i had known, so was tot unprepared to b intro'd to a super pretty teenager who bore no traces to the kid i had known and bef v knew it,was saying 'God! u have grown so much' and my bro the 'so, do u know who v r ' line...:)). Both of us burst out laughing leaving the girl super confused in life.I am sure that the girls decided now to not meet random uncles and aunts again. Well, what can i say?..Atleast am doing my bit to keep tht tradition going:P.

July 04, 2007

Movie Talk

This blogs coz i love complaining:P..Love complaining every now and then that things arent the way they should be, though i must admit,that it would probably be a really boring world if things were just right..For one, wouldnt have gotten to blog this post[which mt not at all b bad news as far as U are concerned..But tht could just be ur reason for complaining:P] Anyways, all this prologue is to talk bt all the Pride and Prejudice movie adaptations that have happened. Happened to watch the Keira Knightley starrer version recently.[Okie..I know it was released a loooong time ago..But i am a lil behind the times:P]
Am probably the most biased critic that could ever exist on this planet coz i am a huuuuuuuuge fan of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice [P&P] is amongst my all time fav books and i honestly do not think anybody can quite capture the varied essences that she manages to so expertly weave into her books on screen..And unfortunately, the belief keeps getting proved right every now and then. Have to admit that its prob way too difficult a job to transalte a 300 odd pages classic with soo many subtleties into a movie and still keep the viewers interested. So, am not even going to complain about the way the movie has been made...My complaints more on the superficialities that are so important to the plot. The fact that Jane is prettier than Elizabeth, i would say, is where the story starts off;is what kicks off the Elizabeth-Darcy tussle. And its probably the easiest thing to show on screen..I mean, how difficult can it poss be to cast a wow looking person as Jane and a slightly plainer looking one as Elizabeth. Must b really difficult coz have never caught a version whcih has a prettier looking Jane. Sample this: In the desi version, Aishwarya Rai is Elizabeth and Namrata Shirodkar is Jane. And you are expected to digest the Darcy character mouthing a 'Cant see any pretty girl apart from Miss.Jane' kinda line with a straight face..I mean..come on. Dont think this movie fares any better on that front either..Kiera looks wow!..And sumhow, the story seems rushed..Can think of so many scenes and dialogues that have been left out..Would have liked a longer one i think.
Complaints apart, this movie does have some plus points. Keira makes for an excellent Elizabeth.Macfayden's pretty believable as Darcy. Mr.Collins and Lady Catherine characters are played really well too. So, all in all, a decent watch i would say but then the more knowledgable and the saner critics have lauded this movie quite a bit and and so, if u havent yet watched the movie, u shud def do it.
N for kicks, came up with my cast for the movie. [Ignore the ages ..afterall this cast will never get to act in a movie:P]
Mr.Bennet: Boman Irani
Mrs.Benent:Kiron Kher
Jane: Sonali Bendre
Elizabeth: Kajol
Mr.Bingley: Hrithik Roshan
Mr.Darcy: Aamir Khan
Mr.Wickham: John Abraham
Lydia: Kareena
Mr.Gardiner : Anupam Kher
Mrs.Gardiner: Fareedha Jalal
Colonel Fitzwilliam: Akshaye Khanna

Cant think of ppl for these: Mr.Collins,Lady Catherine[ though think the saas in the KSBKBT serial mt do:P]

N for those of u who want to go catch up with the original story,u can go check out this link:
Enjoy maadi :)

July 02, 2007

Driving Woes!

Read somewhere that one person in every 10000 people is simply incapable of driving a car..No reasons whatsover were cited and understandably so,one would think..I mean , just who in this wide whole world would want to waste their time thinking about that one loser who cant do sumthing as simple as driving a car!
Only, i wish sumbody would coz i am totally convinced that i am tht 1 in 10000 person:P..much to my driving instructor's agony:P Can and do get all the mechanics right..Its all the 'beyond the obvious' stuff [ n i have been in TCS for the past 4 years:P] that i simply dont seem to fathom..For instance,I get it by now tht the sec gear shud b in place when i am attempting to take a turn but i cant for the life of mine figure out whether r not my car will end up hitting the pavements or all the hazaar vehicles that seem to b parked on the roadside when i do turn my steering wheel or how i am supposed to know if the left side of my car will able to get through 2 vehicles even when i'm going straight on..He keeps saying 'sense' it madam though i must confess hes probably figured out by now that i dont have too much of it ..hehe
So, u see, i dont know how to turn and i dont know how to go straight on but i do so want to [very proverbially:D] zoom away in the black Lancer car[ the car of my dreams:D] right into the sunset...Sigh!

June 18, 2007


This ones for Ro. This ones to make her read my blog more often and to make her stop chiding me about the f of my blogs :P
Come this friday, shall be going back to study in a college...Sumthing which i had vowed never to do when i passed out of my college 3.5 years ago...A decision,which ppl who were well acquainted with my studying habits [ the abscence of it rather :P] had wholeheartedly approved..hehe. But then,have been rather consistent in being really dumb in life, so couldnt really live with the wise decision for long..hehe
Dunno how 'college' is gonna be this time around but its gotten me all nostalgic bt my engg coll days...Our college was like an unique piece in itself..The building and the campus which soo much became a part of life and which looks so comfy and nice now wasnt as appealing when i entered it for the first time [ to put it lightly:P]
Still remember the search v had to undertake to find out where our Chem lab was and the shock tht v got after eventually discovering the place :)) Ofcourse as some ppl said, the good thing bt it was tht it was just beside the canteen..A really famed place in college..a place where all the social networking happened,a place which was like a hangout for all the 'kewl' ppl in coll...A place which acc to me served bad food and so, consequently a place we never went to:P ..Was a simple choice really, V had to chose bewteen good food and all the other attractions...and it never occured to us tht there could b stuff beyond good food.Hoggers then n Hoggers now:D
College was primarily about Ro, Sow, Ranj and Nam..Was about all the incessant bakar v did..All the situational antaakshari ,pictionary and innuemerous hangman games we played when the class was on...which is prob y i never understood y ppl thot v were 'gandhi-ish' coz v didnt bunk classes..We never needed to..Class was where all the fun was after all :D ..
Remember the 2 hr pre-exam sessions that v used to have on the staircase landing..V would have read next to nothing and still that was the time to talk about everythign under the sun..from x's bf to y's crushes to z's pettiness. Only wonder how v passed:P..Have a feeling it was mostly due to Sow's and Ranj's notes..Thanks hudgira:D
It was also the place where i discovered Linda Goodman..And if i had read ANY of my coll books the way i read the Sunsigns book...Period..hehe. Ro was my co-zodiac sign enthusiast. Together, think v read every characteristic of every sunsign. We even tried to sell off our zodiac sign guessing powers to some gullible classmates of mine like SD...hehe And armed with our new zodiac sign knowledge , we even offred to track the identity of Nam's bench scribbler:))..We were prob way off the mark but who cares..those were the times :)
It was also prob the time when commiting sooocide became an oft repetaed comment after ever sem exam..We would have invariably messed up some paper r the other and then v would sit n worry bt it and then decide tht it would kinda atleast be ironic if v committed suicide and then the world discovered tht v had actually passed in it :))..N Sow was always the sane person there..Always has been..Hey Sow! Mt have laughed at all tht talk back then,but ur talk did help...later on in life..when life's actual problems surfaced:)
Ro's hundred and one crushes, ROSM company tht Ro and i decided to start off,its policies and umpteen startergies tht never took off:P, Mech Sir's stories and his tiger biscuit packs, MLS [wow!:)] , IISc and all the project hungama and the generous gobi manchuri treats v treated ourselves to there:), Dracula sir at office who always told us tht the results were coming out tht day itself, all the copying v did in internals [:P], Hamspriya Mam and her super impressive prob solving skills, Cyber cafe and all the stupid chat room sessions ,the treasure hunt games, the dc sessions..Can go on and on. That was definetely life at its simplest best :)

May 29, 2007

An Honest Confession!

Been sometime since i blogged and think am blogging again mainly to show off the new girl pic on my template...hehe. If u like it as much as i do and are wondering where i got it from, have to admit,i stole it from somebody else's long forgotten site :P
Now, if u r tht 'Sumbody else', lemme first take back the 'long forgotten' words [:P] and also very qucikly add the 'Imitation is the best form of flattery' line..hehe..Seriously, think the pic rocks:)