June 18, 2007


This ones for Ro. This ones to make her read my blog more often and to make her stop chiding me about the f of my blogs :P
Come this friday, shall be going back to study in a college...Sumthing which i had vowed never to do when i passed out of my college 3.5 years ago...A decision,which ppl who were well acquainted with my studying habits [ the abscence of it rather :P] had wholeheartedly approved..hehe. But then,have been rather consistent in being really dumb in life, so couldnt really live with the wise decision for long..hehe
Dunno how 'college' is gonna be this time around but its gotten me all nostalgic bt my engg coll days...Our college was like an unique piece in itself..The building and the campus which soo much became a part of life and which looks so comfy and nice now wasnt as appealing when i entered it for the first time [ to put it lightly:P]
Still remember the search v had to undertake to find out where our Chem lab was and the shock tht v got after eventually discovering the place :)) Ofcourse as some ppl said, the good thing bt it was tht it was just beside the canteen..A really famed place in college..a place where all the social networking happened,a place which was like a hangout for all the 'kewl' ppl in coll...A place which acc to me served bad food and so, consequently a place we never went to:P ..Was a simple choice really, V had to chose bewteen good food and all the other attractions...and it never occured to us tht there could b stuff beyond good food.Hoggers then n Hoggers now:D
College was primarily about Ro, Sow, Ranj and Nam..Was about all the incessant bakar v did..All the situational antaakshari ,pictionary and innuemerous hangman games we played when the class was on...which is prob y i never understood y ppl thot v were 'gandhi-ish' coz v didnt bunk classes..We never needed to..Class was where all the fun was after all :D ..
Remember the 2 hr pre-exam sessions that v used to have on the staircase landing..V would have read next to nothing and still that was the time to talk about everythign under the sun..from x's bf to y's crushes to z's pettiness. Only wonder how v passed:P..Have a feeling it was mostly due to Sow's and Ranj's notes..Thanks hudgira:D
It was also the place where i discovered Linda Goodman..And if i had read ANY of my coll books the way i read the Sunsigns book...Period..hehe. Ro was my co-zodiac sign enthusiast. Together, think v read every characteristic of every sunsign. We even tried to sell off our zodiac sign guessing powers to some gullible classmates of mine like SD...hehe And armed with our new zodiac sign knowledge , we even offred to track the identity of Nam's bench scribbler:))..We were prob way off the mark but who cares..those were the times :)
It was also prob the time when commiting sooocide became an oft repetaed comment after ever sem exam..We would have invariably messed up some paper r the other and then v would sit n worry bt it and then decide tht it would kinda atleast be ironic if v committed suicide and then the world discovered tht v had actually passed in it :))..N Sow was always the sane person there..Always has been..Hey Sow! Mt have laughed at all tht talk back then,but ur talk did help...later on in life..when life's actual problems surfaced:)
Ro's hundred and one crushes, ROSM company tht Ro and i decided to start off,its policies and umpteen startergies tht never took off:P, Mech Sir's stories and his tiger biscuit packs, MLS [wow!:)] , IISc and all the project hungama and the generous gobi manchuri treats v treated ourselves to there:), Dracula sir at office who always told us tht the results were coming out tht day itself, all the copying v did in internals [:P], Hamspriya Mam and her super impressive prob solving skills, Cyber cafe and all the stupid chat room sessions ,the treasure hunt games, the dc sessions..Can go on and on. That was definetely life at its simplest best :)