October 19, 2010


If you are the kinds who think babies are all cute and sweet and nice , you have obviously not caught saanu and sachin in action together. For the unitiated, saanu is my 1 year 3 month old neice and Sachin is my 1.5 years old son. The brother,baabhi, hubby and I had grand plans of how we were going to contribute to the great cause of India and of the world and still be super fair parents by not having any more kids and just letting them each b the sibling and the support system (that everybody talks about )to the other one...A nice one u say..Thats what we thought too till our grand plan became 2 extremely naughty kids :-)...
My mom, who for most part of her life has tried to keep the house spick and span ( this despite me and my brother:P) now sits resigned to the fact that with forces like them around, she has not a chance of suceeding in her efforts..After all what can you do when there are two people who think their main business in life is to ensure that every toy is kept out of its covers ( I want to go meet the guy who designed all the shapes and sizes Fisher Price toys..bet he never met any kids in his life :P..coz all our kids want to do is to throw each shape as far as possible...the farther and the more inaccessible the place..the better..hehe), that the newspapers and magazines are actually there for them to test their tearing sklls and that Tata's and Ajji's specs cases are to be thrown around everywhere...Only, they do all this with all the charm and cuteness
that only kids are capable of, that my mom and dad are actaully glowing and gloating about their grandkids skills..hehe.
It was on one such typical day when the two imps were running amok with their crazy acts that I suddenly thought I HAD to do something to bring the mad house in order and drawing sufficient inspiration from all the other mommy bloggers I read ,decided to indulge them both in some constructive activity. I picked up the colors book that had found its usual place on the floor and called Sachin with what i hoped was a very alluring tone :)..Though,not one to normally respond when other more interesting things like pouring water on unsuspecting people's head could be done, he probably recognised the enormity of my intentions (:P) and responded..I held up his book n said,'Paapa ge apple torsi helkondamma jaana neenu'..He looked at me with a glint in his eyes which seemed to say ,'Ah! now we are talking business' and rushed towards Saanu who was contentedly sitting and drumming the remote on the floor..
Its not for nothing that they talk about girls and their sixth sense for danger coz Saanu somehow miraculously sensed danger running fast towards her and decided to run herself...My mission to get them engaged in some constructive activity would have probably been accomplished just with the running itself but for the unnecessary structures like doors etc in between which cut Saanu's run and brought her face to face with her very determined teacher who was very confidently pointing to an orange and saying 'Paapa, apal'.. Saanu tried to wriggle herself free but Sonny boy wouldnt let go..He was determined to teach and teach wrong..hehe..Never one to take such nonsense lying down (or standing up as in this case), Saanu smacked her teacher on the face and decided to attack the problem at the core and tugged at the book in his hand..The intended 'constructive exercise' soon became a tug-of-war game and very soon the once full colour book was cut in half and order, as they know it, was restored leaving both the teacher and the student very happy and pleased ...Phew!
Its on days like these that we start to think if we couldnt have contributed more to the cause and just shut up and not had kids at all..hehe