September 24, 2007

Philosophy Hunt!

Came across this saying recently: "If u cant change something, u just change yourself to make it seem more likable". Really like this philosophy:)..Dunno what profound things and applications the guy who said it had in mind but I have very characteristically[:P] misread it to make life simple.. This is one saying i always tell myself these days when i discover that I am totally incompetent in something..Not in a pro-active way to change myself and become competent at it or something but mostly to revel in the situation, to find joy even in that damned state :P...
Like for instance,its helped me digest all the hazaar jokes ppl keep cracking about the lack of my directional accumen...To be fair to them,that i lack it is probably like an understatement..I know a few places and a few routes to get there and all the rest of the places could b in Alsaka for all I know:P ..I dunno what the funda is..but i simply dont remember directions the way some people do..And being a localite in a team with a lot of non-bangaloreans hasnt helped either.Way too hard to hide the ignorance part:P Only now,with this brand new philosophy in hand, I dont even try to:D..I not only enjoy those jokes, i even help ppl crack some on me:P..Much more fun this way really:D
And in some others, I have very lilttle choice really.
I sometimes go along with my mom-in-law on all these arishina -kunkuma charades..Was on one of those, when an aunty there suddenly told me to sing an aarthi song ..[This was just after a couple of other ppl had recited the lalitha sahasranama..which again i had had no clue how to] Guess even with a voice that would put Ajay Devgan's voice in HDDCS to shame, i would have tried to..only, the only the only aarthi song i know is the 'aaruthi tha krishanamooruthige' song..which probably wouldnt have been the most apt one to sing when the diety in question was Gowri:P..And then after I was done explaining how [as strange as it may seem to them] I did not know any aarthi song, a six year old kid got up n sang a really nice song...Normally, this would have been a 'Ah! let the ground open up and let me go in' kinda scenario but then, perspectives help u know..hehe..Afterall u do need a few mutts around to applaud the achievers..which i promptly did..I went n congratulated the beaming mom and her super cute kid.:)...[ Just one note on this unfair world: Discovered that nobody calls u for arishina-kunkuma on Gokulasthami..Cha! tht aunty will never know that even I can sing..hehe]
And then there was this time when i went to get my eye-check up done with my neice...The attender there who does the first routine round of making u read from the board has been around from the time i first discovered that my eyes had become powerful[:P]...And he kinda dosnt like it that over the years, lesser and lesser lines make sense to my eyes when in the sans specs state...Sometimes think he thinks that all my eyes need is a lil bit of encouragement..hehe..And though i wont even know if the lines after the third one are in Greek, i generally try to humour him..Only this time, it must have been very perplexing to my four year old neice that i was reading an 'O' has 'U' and a 'L' as a 'D' n so on coz after the check, she, with all the delicacy she could muster said 'ninge abcd ne seriyaagi baralla alva...naan helkodla?':))
They say, all good things have to come to an end and i guess this philosophy has prob met its match in my stats class...Things always travel like a good 10 mile oth for me in that class..Its always been like that...Probability and the hazaar distributions are the most complicated things in the world for me..It used to be like that even in the cat classes..Nam would see a problem and make some very intelligent comments n all and i would be like , how??..hehe..My only hitch is that i cant revel being in this situation coz i have to pass my exams...So, am on the hunt for some new philosophies..Please help:D.


Anonymous said...

He he.. loved this post coz it sounds like my own predicament.. I had vowed to improve my directional skills and learn aarthi songs (I dont know any and janmashtami is big with us.. will ask mum to call u next year n make u n MIL sing :p), sahasranama and a bit of the Vedas here in OZ, (Since my sil once said, shes just an engineer and now a housewife, not a cool singer!) but the only thing I have learnt is to make papads in the microwave :D..

And good u said I made intelligent comments.. I just made those comments and didnt solve the probs.. anyone can make comments ;) And here is something else I use to make me happy

Smitha.S said...

Hehe..Loved the song thinking of replacing my all time fav song,kal ho na ho with this, for my ringtone :-)

Sandy said...

Hmm, interesting philosophy! I am considering making this my motto in life. As Calvin says "So the secret to good self-esteem is to lower your expectations to the point where they’re already met!". I think I had blogged long ago about a series of things I could/can never do

Srini said...

Hey! what happened. You stopped writing or what! Come on! don't stop. Write something.