May 08, 2015


I think we, as a community are a highly confused lot. On one hand, we will sit morchas and stage protests demanding eradication of corruption and equal treatment for all and all that.
On the other hand, we will sit up shocked and say the most ridiculous of things when the system unexpectedly wakes up and metes out equal treatment.
Maybe its just that we haven’t been brought up that way . We simply dunno how to handle it when things are equal.
I mean, don’t we all know from Animal Farm days that ‘All are equal. But some are more equal than others’…
Subconsciously, I think this is how we want things to be.Or atleast that’s the only reason I can think of to explain the huge hue and cry over Salman’s Khan conviction  and the subsequent jubiliation over the suspension of the sentence...
Or am I missing something major here??…Sigh!

P.S: The title is supposed to be read the way Salman Khan says Confusion..Confusion to SRK in KKHH :P

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